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Toughened Mirror Glass Splashbacks


Toughened mirror splashbacks are ideal for the modern kitchen. They not only add style and glamour, they are also perfectly suited for the day to day living in any kitchen. The demand for toughened mirror splashbacks has been at an all-time high, in recent times. Their functionality is just perfect for the modern home where people simply don’t have time to scrub walls and clean or re-grout tiles.

What options do you have when choosing toughened mirror splashbacks?

  • Toughened silver mirror splashbacks are highly reflective, and will automatically make a room appear bigger and more spacious. When placed opposite a window that is near a garden, you get to enjoy wonderful sceneries of the outdoors.
  • Bronze mirror glass will tie in with your bronze accessories or worktops, and because it is not too reflective, it adds a darker, sophisticated twist to a room.
  • Grey mirror splashbacks add a modern and luxury feel to any kitchen. They work especially well against white surfaces and cupboards.
  • Antique toughened glass splashbacks will give a room a unique look with a modern twist. Available in various antique finishes.