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No matter where you live in the UK its now possible to choose from our library of high resolution images to apply to your own, unique splashbacks. Glass splashbacks by Purple Frog Interiors are an awesome way to add some unique style and personal stamp to to your kitchen or bathroom, no longer do you have to settle for boring tiles, or plain walls. We literally have 1000's of images to choose from to create your own splashback, from colourful images of flowers, woodland, scenery, beaches, pets and so on through to quirky quotations the choice is limitless. We will print your chosen design in high definition 1400 x 1400 dpi resolution for true photographic quality, the glass splashback are always 6mm thickness toughened heat treated, heat resistant glass with smooth polished edges, they can be fitted behind your hob with confidence of lasting a lifetime. The glass is easily cleaned, no horrible grout to deal with, making them very hygienic.

Besides picture splashbacks we also offer solid colour glass or metallic finish glass. to order these simply contact us with your preference and sizes, we offer samples of glass to your preferred finish.  Solid gloss black is a very popular contemporary finish in a light coloured kitchen, very clean and sharp.  Mid or dark grey colours are also a great way to compliment a light kitchen colour scheme. 

Then theres the opposite colour scheme, dark cupboards with light glass splashbacks in white or light silver. again classy and very contemporary.

Bold colour Glass Splashbacks

Then there of course the bold and the brave amongst us that want a statement from there splashback, bold daring colours to compliment any colour scheme, modern red, orange, turquoise and lime green are some of the most recent colours we have produced for customers. So there you have it a full choice of either printed designs as either stand alone single back of hob splashbacks or daringly incorporated throughout the back drop of your kitchen cabinets, right through to solid daring colours, all of which stand to show your personality and individuality.  

Glass or Acrylic Splashbacks in your Kitchen?

with modern advances in acrylic production it is more than reasonable to consider acrylic splashbacks as opposed to glass splashbacks when deciding on your kitchen makeover. Acrylic is durable, easy to clean and hygienic and in most cases cheaper than glass. we can machine shapes such as socket cut outs and window sills with our cnc system to create a fun, modern smooth finish that is far more trendy than tiles.

light grey acrylic splashbacks fitted to a full kitchen 

Why quality matters with vinyl wall mural graphics

There is certainly a product for every application, non so more important than in the vinyl graphics world. Monomeric vinyl is produced with few polmers in it, which over shorter periods of time begin to break down, which in turn cause the vinyl to crease and shrink, eventually curling back on itself and falling off.

We only use polymeric or cast vinyls for this reason, they are stable and contain their shape for a far longer period. this is important in the application of wall murals to firstly create a strong bond to the surface and ultimately to last the distance for the application. 

We recomend the same process with digitally printed glass splash backs, monomeric vinyl tests that we did were conclusive that they could not hold the bond between the wall surface and the silicone sealant for a long period of time, thus failing early after the application. Product knowledge is key, tried and tested methods over a 25 year span and a true desire to achieve the best finish possible should be a driving factor when considering a purchase.